Prepare for Sales

Get The Best Price For Your Business

So, do you want to earn yourself a healthy salary, achieve cash flow growth, AND capitalise on the equity value of your business by selling up one day?
There are 8 levers of equity growth, with the most crucial being the Sales and Marketing machine. Why?

A systemised Sales and Marketing machine will keep on bringing in revenue growth. Work on the 4 key success factors of a systemised Sales and Marketing machine that will attract premium valuations:
Your Sales Pipeline: How much work do you have booked in for the next 3 months and for the next 6 months?
Your Sales Growth: How consistent is your year on year growth?
Your Repeat/ Referral Business: How well are you servicing your existing client base?
Your Client Relationships: Do you have long-term client relationships? Do you have a diversified client base?

The factors that will bring the value of your business down:

1. There is no systemised sales and marketing engine to bring in revenue growth
2. You don’t know your position in the market place and compete on price
3. You are too involved in your business
4. You have no documented systems

How Can You Prepare Your Business For A Successful Sale?

We can offer you the Sales and Marketing  System that should come with every business. Why? Because once you start implementing it into your business, you will:

Put in the right foundations to win and keep customers: Most businesses operate in crowded marketplaces, riddled with competition. Standing out from your competitors will be your main goal. Find out how to differentiate to be more easily seen. This is what we call innovative positioning. Then, put into place a systemised Sales and Marketing plan. Test and Measure all marketing and business activities. Keep the ones that lead to profits and capital growth.
Make yourself redundant: A buyer’s greatest fear is that you are the heart and soul of the business and that once you walk out of the door, the business will fall apart. You have built the business around yourself, you have the skills and knowledge to run the business and you have great difficulty in delegating to others. Find out how to make delegation easy…
Systemise your business: Once your business is systemised and documented, delegation is no longer a problem and you will be able to make yourself redundant. Everyone will have a clearly defined role, a chain of command, a set of tasks and procedures which, in turn, will lead to clearly defined outcomes that can be measured against set targets.
We will help you maximise the equity of one of your most important asset- the business you have built.

When Should You Put Your Business For Sale?

Once you can demonstrate to a potential buyer that you have a ‘money making machine’ on offer. You have the right positioning, a systemised business that is not dependant on your constant input, and a business that is showing past and future profit growth.
Do it on your terms. Start with the end goal of selling in mind. A business should always be ready for sale. Implement in your business the Alchemy Business Growth System.

How Long Will It Take To Prepare My Business For Sale?

Depending on your business, it might take between one to 3 years to make sure you can show your business is a ‘money making machine’ to a potential buyer.
We will work with you over a 12 month period to get your business in shape for a successful sale with theAlchemy Business Growth System.