Coaching for Growth

Are You going To Be Another Statistic?
Don’t Be One Of The 3 Out Of Ten Businesses That Fail In The First Year…

Turn Your Business Into… A MONEY MAKING Machine?

You went into business to make money out of something you are good at and enjoy. You have the passion, but do you have the skills and knowledge to grow your venture into a MONEY MAKING business?
You started a business to create a sense of security. You have a skill. You used that skill to start your business, and perhaps employ one or two people. The business has become a perpetual way of life, like a mechanic, a doctor, a therapist, or a retailer who does the same thing over and over again to generate a stream of income. The small business fails to grow, marking time by repeating the same service in a perpetual cycle throughout the life of the business.
You will learn a number of key, crucial techniques that will make a huge difference to your business, yourself and your family.

Why Do So Many Businesses Fail?

Again and again, we find the same problem: Lack of clear, specific plan for growth and lack of know-how on how to get there. Responsibility for the success or failure rests almost entirely with the person who started the business.
Can you recognise the following signs for business failure?
  1. Mistaking your business for a hobby
  2. Asking friends and relatives for advice
  3. Lack of business plan
  4. Competing on price
  5. Poor marketing
  6. Lack of commitment
  7. Inability to develop, monitor and understand financial statements
Why Is The Alchemy Network’s Business Coaching The Answer?
The Alchemy training modules contain all the information and resources to keep you ahead of your competitors. Your problem right now is that far too many others are out there doing the same thing and you are having difficulty standing out from the crowd.
With the help of an Alchemy Business Coach, you will be taken through the knowledge needed to grow your business. You will get the tools and resources required to apply that knowledge. You will transform your venture into a Money Making business and leave behind your competitors.
By the end of the program:
  • You would have already introduced powerful techniques to create massive improvement in yourself and your business
  • You would have found out the real causes of business failures, the mistakes made by many and how to avoid them
  • You would have been presented with all the material necessary to help your company significantly increase revenue and profits within 12-18 months
  • You will be committed to following a program of constant and continuous improvement
  • You will be focused to work ON your business rather than in it
During the program, you will:
  • Learn the theory behind KEY BUSINESS PRINCIPLES
  • Find out how to PLAN what needs to be done and how to plan for it
  • DO the work itself- The step by step actions you need to take and how to do it
What Does The Alchemy Network’s Business Coaching Offer That Other Programs Fail To Deliver?
The commitment and care of your dedicated Alchemy Accredited Business Coach. An Alchemy Coach will work with you through a 12-week program and will provide additional ideas and strategic help to reach the goal of significantly growing Your business.
An Alchemy Coach will take you through a 3-step ACTION PLAN to meet your specific business requirements:
  • The Confidential Business Analysis- A revealing and powerful audit which forms the basis for constructing the blueprint for the future of your business
  • The ‘Fast Cash’ Strategy- A strategy to initiate rapid results and an immediate profit boost
  • The ‘Business Mastery’ Program- One-on-one coaching with you to give you significant growth and to create a ‘can do’ success culture within your business.
How much does it cost?
We have different options available to suit your budget and also depending on whether you want:
One on One or Group Coaching
The Fast Track or Paced Business Mastery Programme
And you get:
  • The 12 Module Business Mastery Programme
  • A diagnostic Business Audit Meeting
  • A fast-cash strategy
  • 2 hour weekly coaching session
  • Comprehensive telephone support
  • Follow- up coaching
  • ‘How To Develop A Millionaire Mentality’ Special Report by David Abingdon
And more, much more….
The Alchemy Network’s Business Mastery Programme will give you all the knowledge, tools and resources to build and grow a business that one day will work effortlessly towards your goals.