Franchising as a Wealth Creation Vehicle

To franchise is to recognise the opportunity to replicate a successful business model. It is a tested and proven business system. Franchises have a far greater success rate than a ‘new start’ business. You could be the next to franchise as a way to achieve your highest business goals and aspirations.
An Alchemy Partner will recognise both the upside and the potential dangers of franchising for your business. They will provide you with the ‘heads up’ on all aspects of franchising.
Successful franchises require careful planning, patience- and capital. Several factors are needed to franchise:
  • A good business match- Not all businesses lend themselves to franchising
  • The management and people skills of the franchisor
  • The ability of the franchisor to provide the support the franchisees need to survive and thrive
  • The quality and skills of the franchise buyer
  • A realistic outlook on behalf of the franchisor
  • Sufficient capital
  • The Human Factor- All people are different. Where one makes a franchise a success, another can fail, given all the resources and resources
How Can You Prepare For a Winning Franchise?
The NOVA Alchemy Business Growth System is the Sales and Marketing  System that should come with every business. Why? Because once you start implementing it into your business, you will:
Put in the right foundations to win and keep customers: Most businesses operate in crowded marketplaces, riddled with competition. Standing out from your competitors will be your main goal. Find out how to differentiate to be more easily seen. This is what we call innovative positioning. Then, put into place a systemised Sales and Marketing plan. Test and Measure all marketing and business activities. Keep the ones that lead to profits and capital growth.
Make yourself redundant: Find out how to make yourself redundant so that your business model can be successfully and easily duplicated…
Systemise your business: Once your business is systemised and documented, duplication is no longer a problem. Everyone has a clearly defined role, a chain of command, a set of tasks and procedures which, in turn, will lead to clearly defined outcomes that can be measured against set targets.
The NOVA Business Growth System will help you maximise the equity of one of your most important asset- the business you are building.