Who we are

David Abingdon 
CEO, The Alchemy Network

David established himself as a highly successful business consultant in the UK and gained wide recognition in business circles for making one company he consulted with over £35 million in just two and a half years.

Over the last fifteen years, David Abingdon has trained in excess of 3000 people from all walks of life and from around the world in marketing, sales and business consulting, by channelling the powerful methods, systems and techniques of the world’s greatest business and marketing consultants and coaches.
Directly and indirectly, he's helped thousands of businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs to achieve enormous success and great wealth. 
He’s also personally taken three business ventures from zero to multi-million pound companies – each in less than 12 months. 

Donn Pjongluck
Alchemy Network Managing Directors for ASEAN Economics Community/ South East Asia

As Managing Director for the Alchemy Network in South East Asia, Donn is building a large team of experienced Consultants to answer the high-demand requirement for Alchemy’s business growth and development solutions to SME’s.

He is well qualified and an adept deal maker, also aggressive at identifying opportunities, developing focus, and providing tactical business solutions. As well as leading the Alchemy Network in South East Asia. Additionally, he is a Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Executive Image Consultant.

Donn is a PhD candidate at Paris School of Business, researching on Strategic Management and Survival for SMEs and family businesses and holds an MBA and MSc with over 18 year’s track record of surpassing multimillion dollar sales quotas within highly competitive markets

As an experienced business coach and consultant he works with entrepreneurs and family companies to transform their businesses into multi- million dollar enterprises. He also consults to help brands command premium status with effective packaging and positioning in the marketplace.

David Mack
Service Director

Following 16 years of active service as an Engineering Office in the RAF David moved to work at Heathrow Airport, BAA, initially responsible for Operational Engineering and subsequently Utilities with an added role of Change Manager for a major change programme. In 2004, building on new skills learned, David set up his own training company helping businesses with their business development, team building and training requirements. 

David is a fully trained and licensed Alchemy business development consultant, however, his main passion lies in quickly identifying problems within teams and turning teams experiencing conflict and criticism into high performance teams.

Elisabeth Schoch
Managing Director, The Alchemy Network Germany, Swizerland and Austria

 Elisabeth Schoch is a fully accredited Partner with the Alchemy Network and a part of several Business Clubs, as well as a Business Angels Club.

She looks back on 25 years of successful marketing experience of senior level positions in international SME in a variety of  industries, including publishing, advertising, manufacturing, construction and housing, maintenance and other B2B industries. As an independent Senior Consultant for growth strategies, business planning and start-ups, she implemented direct marketing, innovation and sales strategies within several companies. She supported companies in the analysis of growth potentials, the development of multichannel marketing strategies and accelerated growth and profits for her customers. Furthermore she has advanced project management skills on senior management level and managed several strategic projects.

Luc Seraphin
Managing Director, The Alchemy Network, France, Belgium and Luxemburg

Luc is a decisive, proactive, and visionary business leader accomplished in general management, P&L management, marketing, and sales of innovative products in global markets, including Asia Pacific, the USA, and EMEA.

He is an influential communicator offering superior interpersonal skills to strike partnerships with industry players. He has been effective in building high-performing teams worldwide, in forging customer relationships, and facilitating decision-making at the upper echelons of companies.

He is a forward-thinking leader with keen business sense and unwavering focus to overcome challenges and take on increasingly challenging missions. During his career, he was called upon regularly to lead top initiatives including turnarounds, organization restructuring, and major negotiations. He has proven success in delivering growth and profitability results for large public companies as well as for smaller VC backed startups.