NOVA Business Growth System

Why is NOVA Business Growth System Important To You?

The reason most businesses fail or at least fail to grow is because they lack the simple skills and basic know-how of the things that make a difference.
NOVA, our Business Growth System, takes you through step-by-step, practical instructions you can apply and implement immediately into your business, so you can build a successful entreprise in the shortest time possible.


We Provide a Robust Business Growth Solution

There are many theories on how to market businesses. But most of them fall short of their goal:

  • They may tell you in very broad terms what to do, but then only give sketchy details on how to actually do it.
  • They concentrate on ‘traditional’ sales and marketing techniques- many of which are old, ineffective,  and don’t work on most businesses.
  • They never tell you what to do first, what to do second, and what to do third.
NOVA concentrates on the 3 necessary components for developing a highly successful, fulfilling and lucrative business:

  • What to do
  • Why you are doing it
  • Precise step-by-step details on how to do it


It Is A Business Growth System That Leaves Nothing To Chance


Follow the system and we guarantee you’ll grow your business with significant and on-going increased profits. We’re giving you every secret, every principle, every strategy. No details have been spared, or missed out. And you get the lot- well, all the stuff that works. You can follow NOVA irrespective of what business you are in or what products or services you sell. Anything is possible when you implement the NOVA program.

And It Couldn’t Be Easier

As long as you follow the step-by-step NOVA modules as laid-out, everything will come together in a logical and sensible order. We can’t stress enough how important this is.
The scale of your success is not down to us- it is down to you. Nothing worth achieving is easy. But with some effort on your side you will see some significant results.


The NOVA Business Growth System

The NOVA Business Growth System includes:

  • Niche Marketing: Multiply the size of your business by targeting specific people and businesses that have a perfect need for you, your product, or service.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: The second most important thing you must do to grow your business is to construct your own ‘unique selling proposition’. Not as easy as it seems. Get it right and your targeted prospects won’t be able to resist your product or service!
  • Transferring The Features of your Product or Service Into Sizzling Benefits: Because benefits are what your customers are buying.
  • Risk Reversal: One of the few marketing tools you can use instantly to multiply the size of your business overnight.
  • Testimonials: Helping you generate many more leads, by proving you can deliver on your promises.
  • Irresistible Offers: How to multiply your sales and profits using irresistible offers.
  • Your Lead Generation Strategy: How to maximise your response (and minimise your costs).
  • Setting Your Objectives: To help you drive your business forward.
  • Budgeting: How to set your initial lead generation budget, and why you’ll never need to budget in the future.
  • Selecting Your Lead Generation Tools: Putting in place your ‘Marketing Activity Plan’.
  • How To Multiply The Results of Your Lead Generation Super System: Testing is the simple way to get the best possible results for the least time, effort and cost.
  • Business First Aid: Quick, simple and yet powerful fast cash generating strategies.
And it continues:

  • Sales Conversion: How to convert up to 90% of leads into clients or customers without spending more than the cost of a few stamps.
  • Pricing Your Product Or Service: How to grow your business overnight by setting the perfect price.
  • Case Studies: The simple cost-effective way to prove to your prospects you can achieve everything you say you can.
  • Qualification Questions: Asking the right questions to ensure you don’t waste time with poor quality prospects and to arm yourself with valuable information.
  • Addressing buyers remorse.
  • The NOVA Sales System: The proven sales presentation strategy that builds confidence and eliminates the fear of selling- resulting in massive increases in profitable new clients or customers.
  • Maximise The Income And Profit From New and Existing Clients or Customers: How to tap into the most lucrative part of your business.
  • Improving Your Profit Margin: Simple strategies to increase your bottom line profit.
And there is more… It is time to systemise!

Your Exit Strategy: Your Ultimate Step Towards Wealth Creation

Begin with the end in mind. Know what you want to achieve and when you want to move on.

Your Alchemy Consultant will work with you to work out the best exit strategy for you and the business.

You can either: 
  • Franchise/License it
  • Sell It
  • Take it Public
  • Pass the business on/Keep it



How Much Do We Cost?

We work largely by accepting a percentage of the increase in profits that we create for your business. So, as you can imagine, we are highly motivated to make sure your profits soar.